The secret helping Ronaldo break out at the end of the...

The secret helping Ronaldo break out at the end of the season


Cristiano Ronaldo is rejuvenating as Real Madrid are aiming for the La Liga and Champions League double.

When the season entered the most stressful period, then Cristiano Ronaldo crushed the criticism to return extremely strong. After two hat-tricks against Bayern Munich and Atletico Madrid in the Champions League, Ronaldo scored in La Liga.

The latest, Ronaldo made a double into Celta Vigo net to help Real Madrid reclaim the top spot from Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äčthereby approaching the title of champion. So what is the reason why Portuguese superstars shine brightly?

Share after the game, Ronaldo said: “I have been more rested this season and that helped me achieve the best status in the final stage Zinedine Zidane’s decision has brought positive effects. Especially when we can determine our destiny.

We will beat Malaga to win the La Liga. This is our ultimate goal. We are Real Madrid, the strongest team in the world and a champion. The team currently has many talented youngsters as well as very experienced combatants. ”

Just one point away from Malaga in the last round, the Vulture will officially be crowned La Liga regardless of the results of Barcelona’s match because they are more than three points opponents.