Football comments and opinions: Norwich vs Sunderland

Football comments and opinions: Norwich vs Sunderland


Sunderland started the season not badly when they held the top candidates for promotion – Derby County 1-1.

The Black Cats also drew inspiration from a 1-0 win over Bury in the League Cup Round 1 in midweek. These are very sure steps, though not too noisy of Simon Grayson’s men. Sunderland clearly had a more realistic look after being pushed out of the Premier League at the bottom of the table last year.

With this match, Sunderland certainly have to be cautious of the highest level when Norwich is also a high ambition target this season. But the focus of the Black Cats at this time is the ability to bear pressure when the away game with consecutive four consecutive games unbeaten, including 3 wins. The other important thing that Sunderland should aim for is more confidence when the nearest away fielder has a very convincing 3-0 victory.

Prediction: 1-2