Football comments and opinions: Barcelona vs Real Madrid

Football comments and opinions: Barcelona vs Real Madrid


The past was repeated when Barcelona had a 3-2 victory over Real Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup.

The closest match between the two teams this summer in the United States also saw the Catalan team win the same ratio. That is the reason can help home fans hope, but need to know that the current is the decisive. Compared with the last meeting at ICC 2017 in the United States, Real Madrid in this match added to Ronaldo, their biggest star in the team. Meanwhile, Barcelona is no longer served by Neymar, who has had two tectonic trenches at his closest meeting.

The most obvious thing to the two teams now is the mental and moral conflict. Real Madrid has dominated Europe with the Super Cup is very convincing to beat Manchester United 2-1 score not long ago. Barcelona also won in their latest match but the defeat of Chapecoense was not appreciated when their prime minister was too weak. With such remarkable detail, experts say Real Madrid have a right to think about the beneficial result before the return leg.

Prediction: 2-2